Why you shouldn’t have children           

Four people are born every second. That makes 360, 000 births per day. However, one billion children worldwide are living in poverty and according to UNICEF, 22, 000 children die each day from poverty. 40% of children today are born to unmarried women and children from single parent households are eleven times more likely to commit violent behaviours. Of course, many people dream of starting families but before people even start to try, there should be a curriculum or consideration of sorts to determine whether or not a couple are really in the best position, financially and emotionally, for a child in addition to the environment they’d want their child to enter.

If a couple or family are planning to have a baby they should consider the child’s wellbeing and realise how having financial issues could affect the upbringing of their child. It should be in the best interest of parents to keep their children fully fed, well dressed and happy. And you’d want your kid to succeed in their goals for their future too, as well as giving them a good education. This would be very unlikely if you didn’t have the funding to send them to a school or university and home-schooling was out of the option because you spent so much time working to feed their empty stomach. You’d want your child to have a roof over their head and to not grow up in a dangerous neighbourhood or environment.


Maybe you have this covered. But being well off doesn’t exactly ensure your child’s happiness or grant them a successful future. The most important factor towards good parenting is obviously the parents themselves. The type of people they are affects the type of person their child will become. It should be taken into consideration the mental state of the parents, as well as their relationship with each other. The way parents often feel usually has impacts on their children. If they’re always frustrated from dealing with work or other problems, it’s likely they aren’t going to be giving their child the full amount of attention they need which can make them feel rejected and/or unimportant. Or if, maybe not on purpose, you take your stress out on them by yelling or punishing them for trivial matters, it may lead to them having a low self-esteem and feel as though they’ve done something wrong, even if they haven’t.


You can’t let your child stay with your partner if they aren’t a good parent. If they aren’t interested in raising the child, they’re not cut out for the job and if they don’t care enough it’s likely they won’t pretend to for long. And you can’t have an abusive partner raising your child. After all, “It’s easier to beat a child than it is to raise it.”( – William Somerset, Se7en) You have to be able to trust your partner’s values and beliefs and be certain that they’ll raise the child well and be involved in their life.


However, not only their mental state is important but also if parents have any mental or physical illnesses that have been passed down in the family. Things such as depression, cancers, and many other sicknesses may have high chances of being passed on.


Even if you were perfectly fine in terms of economic, mental, and physical concerns, there’s always the question of if the couple themselves actually want to have children. Maybe if you’re relatively young and you want to travel and see the world but the thoughts of settling down and starting a family weigh over you. And there is the possibility you will regret having kids and wish you had at least waited until you had done all the things you wished you could have in your youth.


If you were really on the fence about whether or not you’re ready for a child or are unsure as to if you have the money or most suitable partner, you can always take time to think things over or sort issues out.  You can take your time to organise a budget or relocate to a more suitable environment. And there are always options available even if you or your partner is already on the way, there are choices such as adoption, abortion, or giving the child to a foster family.


Any couple thinking of having a baby must be willing to make sacrifices so their children can have the life they deserve. It should be thought over a great deal whether or not they are in the right frame of mind and will be able to give their child a successful and happy future.


by C.R.


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