The Truth About Our Education System

I hate school. Not because I don’t like learning or that I don’t care. I hate school because half the things we are being taught seem so useless. I hate school because we are made to wear the same uncomfortable uniforms every day in order to look “smart”. I hate that teachers expect me to do another 4 hours of homework when I’m already so drained.

Most Australians spend 14 years of their life at school (kindy to year 12). In each of those 14 years, 200 days are spent at school in the same classrooms, doing the exact same things. The general definition of school is “a place of education” and education meaning “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction”. Neither definition includes anything relevant to learning or preparing us as students for the future. In order to get a good education, students need to be more dedicated to learning. Students are lacking interest and motivation towards learning because the curriculum is becoming more and more difficult while also becoming less important to our futures. Not all knowledge from maths, HASS, science and English apply to all professions so why does each student have to learn all of them to a high level. If school wants to teach us things that will benefit all students they should be teaching us finances, the government system and what is going on in the world currently and how to actually find a job etc.

Each child in a classroom has different strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and dreams yet we still place one teacher at the front of the classroom to teach all 30 students the exact same thing. How are all students going to succeed in a classroom like that? Not only is it hard to focus on things which are seemingly unimportant, there is so much added stress.

Week after week, I watch my older sister, who is in year 12, become so stressed over tests and assignments and it makes me anxious about the next two years of school. The pressures to achieve high levels of academic success have been rising quickly and with this pressure come many forms of anxiety and depression. Most of this anxiety is based around standardised tests/exams because that grade from that test on that one day will affect whether you are successful or not. Your performance on one day should not determine your grade for the year, sometimes we have bad days and sometimes we have good days but generally with all the added stress and anxiety, we have bad days when we have tests.

A famous quote from Albert Einstein is, “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience”.  He is saying that you do not gain much out of being spoon fed information; if you actually go and have the experience you will be more likely to remember and be able to use that knowledge. For example, if you have one person read a book or short story and another just told about it, the person with the actual experience of reading the book will have the knowledge while the other person just has useless information that won’t mean anything to them. We should be given more opportunities to go out and explore the world. Out of the two years I have been at high school, I have only been on one excursion and we rarely do anything besides sit in the same desks all day. Although we are teenagers now and are supposed to act mature, we are still children and love going out to different places and exploring. Sitting in classrooms all day is not only bad for our health but also surprisingly exhausting.

The teaching methods of today are turning children into cardboard cut-outs of each other. If anything is going to change, teachers need to think of ways to change their teaching methods and approach education in a new way. We are still using the same teaching methods that have been used for hundreds of years. If we want this generation to be the future then teachers need to stop teaching the same way as in the past.


by G.G.





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