Six Facts About Global Warming That Will Blow Your Mind

Global warming and climate change impacts everyone and everything in regards to this planet, but with so many different ideas and beliefs about what will happen it can get confusing to know what to believe about our environment anymore.

Here are 6 crazy facts about climate change and global warming and how it is literally changing the planet that will blow your mind

Prepare to be amazed and hopefully moved to help make a changes in this world needed in order to slow down global warming.

But first, what is global warming, global warming is the result of an increase in the average temperature of earth due to greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. These gases are required for human life on earth. However, global warming is happening due to too much of these gases

Now for some mind blowing facts about global warming

1.      Want to live at the beach? I would not anytime soon unless your planning to live underwater as the ice caps are melting because of of global warming which means the sea level will rise, causing over 100 million people living in coastal regions to be displaced by just a 91cm rise in sea levels it is expected that if the sea level keeps rising London would be the first to become fully submerged.

2.      Pollution, when you think of pollution you think of smog in the air or green water but some of the impacts of pollution are not noticeable or visible for example the acidity of the surface of the ocean has increase by 30%. As the surface waters become more acidic, it becomes more difficult for marine life like corals and shellfish in order to form the hard shells they will need for their survival, and coral reefs provide a home for more than 25% of all oceanic species which means it will greatly impact the oceans if the corals die.

3.      The cost, everyone wants to be rich but with global warming taking an increasing amount of money from us money might be harder to come by as currently climate change costs the U.S  over $100 billion each year and could end up costing millennials up to $8.8 trillion

4.      Accept that global warming is happening. You might be asking yourself “umm it has been scientifically, proven how can you not accept it?” Well believe it or not thirty-seven percent of Americans believe that global warming is a hoax or a conspiracy, and 64 percent do not believe that climate change will seriously affect them, those numbers will not help our fight against global warming.

5.      Medical issues, global warming not only impacts the environment it also impacts us. Did you know that heating water up makes it more prone to algae and bacteria now imagine this that water has heated up and then a natural disaster(which becomes more prone in global warming) such as a flood happens with deadly bacteria and algae in the water, many people and animals would die!

6.       Become a team not one person can change global warming , it needs to be a joint effort you need companies, businesses as well as individuals to do their part, it needs to be a team effort for example; While the U.S. is trying to reduce their greenhouse gases, China wants to construct a coal-based electrical power station each week for the next 10 years. A typical coal plant emits 14,100 tons of Sulphur oxide, 10,300 tons of nitrous oxide, 500 tons of small airborne particles and 170 pounds of mercury a year and that only one of them imagine 520 coal power stations!

Global warming is a real thing and in the event that we do not stop it soon it may pass the point of no return, if you want to help try doing something small like use an environment friendly bag instead of the nasty plastic ones.

Remember “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.
Unless your Donald trump who just signed an executive order cancelling Obamas climate change order which was supposed to halve co2 emissions


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