A life or death choice

“Help me! … I don’t want to die. … Save me! …Please don’t let me die!” 


What would you do?  How would you react to such call for help?


Most humans would try to save the person calling out for help and try to prevent his/her death.


What if this person did not have a voice to call out with? 


This is what is happening to hundreds of unborn babies each day. They are aborted before they have a voice to defend themselves.


Face the facts!

• The abortion rate in Australia is high in comparison to other developed nations.

• About 90,000 babies are aborted in Australia each year. That means two aborted lives for every five live births.

• In NSW 800 abortions are performed every week.

Despite general perception that women aborting their unborn babies are financially unable to care for a child, statistics show that a woman seeking abortion is most likely to be aged in her 20’s, single, childless, well-educated and employed.


According to a study done at Royal Women’s Hospital amongst 3018 women seeking terminations, financial, relationship and medical reasons together accounted for only 19% of cases, and rape for 1%. That means that more than 80% of abortions were done for convenience (for example ‘bad timing’ (34%), already had enough children (18%), and being too young (11%)).


From these statistics, it is evident that many innocent lives are ended each year for no other reason than “convenience”. Do these women really understand what they are doing? Do they understand that they are murdering their innocent children?



Think about this, if a mother kills her baby a few months after it is born, she gets prosecuted with manslaughter and sent to prison. But if she murders the child a few months earlier, then it considered completely legal.

I can’t believe this. 



The prochoice movement supports murder by arguing that a woman should be able to choose to keep or abort her baby because the unborn child is in her body. But, think about it, in most cases she had a choice whether she gets pregnant or not. Don’t you agree? 


Just think about this for a moment: If a drunken person drives a car and hit and kill another person, wouldn’t you expect him to be prosecuted? Wouldn’t he have to go to prison? He didn’t choose to hit the person. He chose to drive while he was drunk. The person’s death was a consequence of his choice to get drunk. When he chose to drive under the influence of alcohol, he accepted the consequences. 


In the same way, if a couple choose to have sex without proper protection, they choose to accept consequences. Don’t you agree? 

If a couple doesn’t want a baby, then they should choose to either not have sex or to use protection. If they choose not to do either one of these, then they must be responsible for the consequences of their choice.  


Everyone is free to choose but no one is free from the consequences of their choices – a universal paradox.


I am not against women choosing, but I’m against murder.

And that’s exactly what abortion is: It is murder. 


However, the only legal requirements for an abortion as stated in the Health Act (Abortion) Amendment Act 1998 under Section 334 (3), which details when the performance of an abortion is justified, are as follows:

• the woman concerned has given informed consent; or

• the woman concerned will suffer serious personal, family or social consequences if the abortion is not performed; or

• serious danger to the physical or mental health of the woman concerned will result if the abortion is not performed; or

• the pregnancy of the woman concerned is causing serious danger to her physical or mental health.


Do you see the key repeating phase?

Nowhere in the legal requirements does it speak about the baby. 

What about the baby’s well-being? 

What about the baby’s suffering? 

What about the baby’s life? 


The baby could have been brilliant, beautiful and done things beyond everyone’s expectations, but we will never know.


The picture above shows how the unborn fetus looks at the time (7- 12 weeks) when most terminations a done.

You might think I know nothing about how hard it is for people, but I know a young woman who got pregnant. The father walked out on her and everyone told her to abort the baby. For weeks she struggled with the choice. However she couldn’t do it. Her reason was, “I have had the right to make decisions, but I do not have the right to end this little person’s life”. That young boy had his second birthday a few weeks ago and I regularly babysit him. He is absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t imagine how the mum’s life would have been if she never got to see him smile or ran after the ‘doggies’. 

Another beautiful true story. 


Someone have to speak up for the unborn babies because they cannot call for help themselves! You can make a difference! You can be the voice for the more than 90 000 babies that may be aborted in Australia this year, babies who want to live and stop the murder of these innocent children. 


 Will you make the right choice?! 

by M.C.


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