Why Death Penalties are the Secret Ingredient

I believe that we should bring back the death penalty for a lot of reasons and here is why.

One of my reasons for bringing back the death penalty is that if criminals knew that we were bringing it back it would bring the crime rate down because they would not want to be killed. Statistically in 1902 the crime rate in Australia was 10.6125 per 10,000 when the death penalty was still out and in 1999 the Australian crime rate was 1058.195 per 100,000 when they had stopped using Capital Punishment.

Another one of my reasons is that most people thought most black people committed crimes so they would get the death penalty more often but in fact the death penalty in the 20th century 48.6% of people were white that were in the death penalty, 40.9% black, 8.9% hispanic and 1.6% other.

People say that everyone has the right to live, but when that person has killed one or even multiple innocent lives, wouldn’t it be better to kill that one person and stop them from killing more? I know its being hypocritical but its protecting society from killers like them. Even if the do go to jail they can still kill after they leave. How would you feel if a family member of yours was killed and wasn’t punished then came back to kill again, you would probably want them killed.

The only situations in which anyone ever has the moral right to intentionally kill anyone are the war, Capital Punishment and a justified rebellion. But no one ever has the right to intentionally kill the innocent. The war and Capital Punishment are decreed by the state, which derives its authority from God… The right to kill intentionally, there fore, can properly be asserted only by those responsible for common good.

Its true that cruelty should not be legally tolerated and there are some methods in killing the criminal so they wont feel it. Granted, we are not able to ask the dead if they felt there neck snap, or the bullets go through there chest. But modern American executions very rarely go wrong. It does happen, but the reported accidents since 1976 only about 10 went wrong out of 1,328.

We are taught from our earliest years that actions have consequences. Touching a hot stove burns your hand, annoying your parents causes them to punish you etc. Every parent knows that failing to link actions to consequences leads to children who do what they want. The same is still true for adults. They pay taxes so they don’t get stuff taken away from them. Consequences bring order to our society.

In conclusion I think that we should bring back Capital Punishment because people think that its racially biased but its not, it would be good in stopping people from committing crimes, they don’t have the right to live anymore, they don’t have the right to intentionally kill, its not always cruel and from a young age we are told that actions have consequences.

By L.B


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