The deadly fear of Homophobes: Dumasaphobia (fear of stupid people)



Here is a list of the top five phobias in the USA from a survey taken over the last 10-15 years:

(Recorded on the website

  • 5- Claustrophobia- Fear of small/confined spaces
  • 4- Agoraphobia- Fear of inescapable situations
  • 3-Aerophobia-          Fear of flying in a plane
  • 2-Social Phobia- Fear of social situations
  • 1-Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders


Notice that Homophobia is not on that list, despite the fact that currently 37% of North America is listed as being against gay marriage –


This may be because Homophobia is not a fear, it is a symptom of being an asshole.



The main cause of Homophobia


The main reason that people choose to be Homophobic, is due to religion or religious upbringing. This is because many religions, such as Christianity and Islam have the belief that being gay/LGBTQ is unnatural or wrong. They believe that it is a choice people make, despite the fact that they did not choose to straight.


This belief can be combated with a quote from glee character Kurt Hummel;


“As if someone would choose to be mocked every single day of their life”


This quote elaborates on the idea of creation, saying that if God made LGBTQ people then he must have intended for them to be LGBTQ, and therefore his followers (and others who share their opinions) are in the wrong.



What do these homophobes think they are doing?


And they are in the wrong. Very much in the wrong. For no matters here you come from, how you were raised or what you believe in, you do not get to decide what love is. Because of that love is pure, innocent and mutual then it is none of your business to decide if it’s real.


Homophobia is not a fear, you are not scared. If homophobia was a fear there would be mugging a under threat of actions of love, things like:


“Hey you Homophobe, gimme your money or else I’ll kiss the man I love in front of you!”


But that doesn’t happen, ever. Because homophobes are not scared, they’re not. What they are in fact is –as I said before- assholes.


There is simply no other word for a group of people who bully, harass, beat up and even kill another group of people, simply for who they are, and who they love.(Except perhaps for tyrants, but assholes seems more appropriate in this case).


Did you know


  • 60% or more of the LGBTQ community in Australia have suffered some kind of homophobic abuse
  • 80% of Homophobic bullying in Australia happens within the schooling system
  • Between the years 2012-2016, 26 innocent people were murdered in the US alone by some brutal idiots who couldn’t understand what love is.

(, )


Can you not see how wrong this is? Are you oblivious to the fact that you are hurting someone, for something that they cannot control. That’s like killing someone for being ginger! It’s just horrible and wrong.


Scientific proof


Many different studies taken in several different countries have proven that homosexuality is not a choice. Countries like South Africa and North America both have extensive research and evidence that proves that being gay is not a choice, in North America these scientific studies even have the backing of several powerful assist ions and institutions like:

  • The American Medical Association
  • The American Psychiatric Association
  • The American Psychological Association
  • The American academy of Pediatrics


  • The National Association of Social Workers



Who have all stated either that Homosexuality is not a choice, or that it should not be treated as a mental disorder.


Some of these scientific studies look into things like the ‘gay gene’, while others look into hormones and birth order. One study from North America has shown that a woman who has several successive sons is more likely to have homosexual males among the younger boys. This is due to a strange reaction in the woman’s body during pregnancy, the womans body mistakenly believes that the male foetus inside it is a kind of alien creature and attacks it with a kind of hormone that makes it more feminine. With the  male children a woman has, the more experience her body gets at making the foetus more feminine and the more likely it is for the younger boys to be homosexual.


Another study, looking into the ‘gay gene’ has found just that. A successive occasionally hereditary gene that is found in a large amount of both homosexual men and woman, and though this study is still being debated, tested and questioned. There will doubtlessly be many more studies like it in the future that help to show the world that being gay is not a choice.


Well now you know


So it really is that simple.


Being gay, bi, pan, lesbian, ace or other is not a choice that people make. It’s not something that can be controlled, chosen or changed. And it’s definitely not something that should be shunned.


Because love is love


Love is mutual, and  beautiful, and amazing, and love is certainly not something that could ever possibly be wrong.


So put down your hateful banners, stop hurting people for something that they can’t control,    and learn a little love yourself.




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