Religion vs Facts

Science. All the documented knowledge of our world and beyond. And the method we use to discover it all. It has uncovered many of the most amazing secrets hidden by our world and numerous others. We have managed to do this more and more as technology advances. But, despite all of it, there are STILL those who deny so much of it, all in favour of blind faith.


I want to discuss the problem of Creationism, and all instances where religion puts itself in the way of science. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate religion, nor am I against it. Unless it challenges globally agreed theory with nothing more than preaches from a book. With not a shred of evidence to support it. Evidence. That right there is the golden word. Do not forget it.


For your convenience, I have gathered multiple stupid statements said by Christians and Creationists. Not so I can bash them and circle jerk over how wrong they are, but to operate like a scientist; support my argument with facts and evidence.


First thing’s first; “The Second Law of Thermodynamics proves evolution is impossible!” The law is commonly known as the Law of Increased Entropy. It states that as energy transfers, more and more of it is wasted. It is not destroyed, because it cannot be created or destroyed, but it is converted into an unusable energy. Because of this, an isolated system has a natural tendency to degenerate over time into a more disordered state. Many think that this straight up falsifies Evolution. Here is the key word: Thermodynamics. THERMO. Biodynamics? No. Thermodynamics. These laws apply to heat and energy in physics. Not biological changes that organisms undergo.


“We understand it!” Well, some of you do. And I can safely say that the ones who do are the ones who do their research. They are the scientists among you. And you can get great theistic scientists. There are in fact different kinds of Creationists. Young-Earth Creationists believe that God directly created us. Gap Creationists believe the same thing. Progressive Creationists believe that God created us based on primate anatomy. Intelligent Design Creationists hold a multitude of beliefs, and finally Evolutionary Creationists (or Theistic Evolutionists) know that we evolved from primates. But of course they find a place for their faith in there somewhere. In that order, each category of Creationist progressively looks into science and does research more and more. Think of it as a spectrum. Young-Earth Creationists don’t know what research is and don’t have a brain in their heads, while the Creationists who were ‘the most scientific’ believe in evolution from primates. Ahh. So you do see what’s going on here. The more you look into science, the more you research and study the world, the more you see how evolution is real. The only reason people deny such facts and studies is because they haven’t looked into it themselves; and have been brainwashed into false beliefs since infancy. So yes. You do understand evolution. Or at least some of you do. That is why they (mostly) see the truth.


”Evolution is just a theory! All science is just theory!” sigh Let me explain something. A theory isn’t a random belief, or a brain-dead assumption. A theory is a hypothesis of something that could be true. The scientific method is to test that hypothesis and record the results. We draw conclusions from what we can confirm is true and how it works. The reason it is all called theory is because it could be disproven later on. But, for the time being, the proof shows that it is true enough to be considered fact. Also that is as much as we can do with the technology we have currently got. Evolution is no different. Charles Darwin made a hypothesis, looked into it, researched it, tested it, and then drew conclusions once he was sure that the facts were revealed and unarguable. As far as technology allows of course. Because as technology advances, we can do more. We can look into more. Consider this when you remember that Christian beliefs are based off of the ‘astronomical’ observations of people back in the Middle Ages. People who didn’t even have telescopes. On the other hand, nowadays, science has been the reason we got the Hubble and the ISS into the sky, we got men on the moon and rovers on Mars. Religion had no part to play in that. See how far we have come because of science? I sure as hell do. Religious beliefs have somehow survived up to this day. And when it puts itself in the way of scientific research, (typically with Creationism) it holds us back. Besides, even if science and evolution are all ‘just’ theory, the evidence that supports them is still more believable than a young Earth ever will be. To those who are observant at least. And the only reason I am prioritising my assault on Christianity over other religions is because Creationism is based off of the Christian Bible. And the Creationists are the ones mouthing their laughable ideas to respectable scientists.


”So you reject the idea of a Divine Creator, but think that the universe just magically popped into existence from an exploding star?” I kid you not, that was actually a legitimate question. Asked by many. Too many. First of all, it wasn’t magical. Nothing in science respects something based purely off of magic, childish fantasy or superstitions. Secondly, the Big Bang wasn’t an explosion, it was an expansion. Thirdly, who the hell said it was a star?! We only know enough about it to theorise that the universe was in a hot, dense state at that time. We never said anything about it being a star. And yes. I do reject the idea of a Divine Creator. Because if you observe the world, and do all the nitty-gritty science, it does not work.


”If Apes evolved into Humans, why are there still Apes? And where are the ‘in-between species’?” Simple science lesson here kiddies. Not all Apes evolved into Humans. Clearly. This is because organisms don’t all change in a uniform manner; they evolve because they need to. To keep up with their ever-changing environment. To stay adapted. For example, if there are Apes thriving in a rainforest, that just doesn’t seem to change very much, then those Apes will go virtually nowhere in terms of evolution. Because they have no reason to. Evolution doesn’t stop; it just slows right down or speeds right up. If you want to know how fast, ask the habitat of the organism you are studying. By that I mean for you to observe how fast the environment is changing. Because organisms only evolve to follow their environment and go where it goes (in terms of biomes). Looking back at that rainforest I was talking about earlier, if it dried out, then the Apes would undergo significant changes. Say that the jungle became a savannah. The Apes would start standing upright to spot predators over the tall grass. Oh wow. Welcome to Ethiopia. More than 200,000 years ago. As for the ‘in-between species’, it’s not that hard to comprehend. They are all gone. Either went extinct or evolved into something else entirely. There are no ‘in-between species’ between Apes and Humans anymore because they have all moved on. Basically, not all Apes evolved into Humans, but those that did, underwent evolution from one species to another. Constantly changing. They covered all these ‘in-between species’ before reaching todays’ Homo sapiens.


I guess that’s just me having a laugh over Young-Earth Creationists revealing their IQs, but what about actual evidence? Let’s bring it.


“There’s no evidence for evolution!” There is every bit of evidence for evolution. Such a comment I almost find offensive. If you believe that there is no evidence, then I hope you know what rocks are. They layer up over time. A long, long time. And when they do, they take the skeletal remains of plants, animals and microorganisms with them; and fossilise them. You can dig all the way through the Earths’ crust and encounter layer upon layer of rock. You will see the fossils they carry with them. And because rock piles on top of itself, the age of the fossil increases the deeper you dig. So if you get your bucket and spade you’ll find yourself a recent mammal (not literally). But if you uncover kilometres of rock, you’re going to see the Trilobites, go deeper and you’ll reach the first plants. Not once do any of these species cross over from one layer to another. This shows that organisms had such origins in such a way. Observe the order of fossils. You will notice the changes as they evolve through time. That couldn’t have all happened in just 4000, or even 10,000 years. It’s just impossible. We know this because rock doesn’t form that many layers in that short of a timeframe. What does the Bible say about that?


Want some more evidence? No? Too much? Too painful? Too bad. There are trees older than Young-Earth Creationists think the world is. Ancient civilisations rose and fell long before the world even started. If we go by Creationist beliefs. And before anyone says that fossils and the Earth itself don’t have an age tag on them, they do. Carbon Dating and many other methods have found such age tags. Oh they aren’t reliable? Funny. I never thought that observing the changes of atoms of an object is unreliable. I’m sorry, but Carbon atoms don’t lie. If you observe how much they’ve decayed, you’ll see how old they are.


There you go. Just some help to clear up the drama between evolution and religion. Perhaps Creationism is a scientific study. Perhaps it isn’t just basing off of religion. Perhaps it- wait a minute. IT IS. I mentioned before that there are those who study the origins of the world, but are theistic. I get it. Creationists can be scientists. But their flaw is that they don’t study science across the board, they only focus on trying to disprove evolution. I’m not talking about theistic scientists who just hold a light faith in their lives; I’m talking about Creation scientists. Who believe in Creation as their conclusion, and go hunting for evidence as to why it is true. That is not the scientific method. Yet they call themselves scientists. Even then, they don’t find any proper, truthful evidence. If they did, every scientist would be worshipping them right now. No pun intended. Creation scientists get facts wrong and don’t even fully understand evolution themselves. If they did, their opposition against evolution would be a fair fight; not resulting in them getting disproved and swept out the way by people who have just seen some documentaries. Of course a world without ozone would tear life-forming molecules and chemicals apart! That doesn’t mean that the Divine Creator is responsible for everything. It just means that something isn’t possible. Where did they go wrong? The fact that they didn’t know that we (evolutionists) never agreed that life would start on land or on the surface, but at the bottom of the ocean. Where the sun and UV radiation isn’t a problem. Just five minutes of thinking clears up their theories. Theories which all have a single purpose: disprove evolution. If it refers back to the Bible, a religious book, then no wonder they go wrong. Religion doesn’t account for science. Even if some Creationists study it. Christian views, and the views of all other religions and theistic groups, don’t make sense in the world today. They may have done so years ago, even centuries or millennia, because that’s how far their technology allowed. But today, our improved technology shows us so much more. With its’ advancement, allowing us to explore more of our universe and conduct more research, we can look into theories, make investigations and do studies that advance us as a race. I know that Creationists can be biologists and engineers and do the same thing, but look at what I speak out against. Such false hope, such denial of facts will halt our advance as humans and, if it were the overruling belief, keep us locked in the ideologies of Medieval Europe.


It is only a matter of time before these old beliefs die out completely. Scientific research uncovers more and more wonders of our universe all the time. Eventually, the facts will be all too clear to them. Though I would argue that they are all too obvious now.


Their view of the world and the universe is not logical; it is primitive.


By K.R.



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