Princess and the ‘P’

‘Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted nothing more than to be wed to a beautiful princess. And so he gathered young girls from across the land, forcing them to sleep with the ‘P’. Our poor little girls never ever said a word. They were too afraid that they would lose.’ -A different adaption of the literary fairy tale, Princess and the Pea.


Granted that this ‘P’ is metaphorical to the character of a paedophile, what you just read was a jumble of the inhumane and disgusting displays of child molestations in modern day society. Yes, this shit is happening, and has manifested into some tumour of a ‘community’.


But we’re just getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s begin with a definition. Paedophilia is the case of an individual over the age of 16 being sexually attracted to a prepubescent child. It has been stated that paedosexuality derives similar with cases such as heterosexuality and homosexuality. Debates ensue to this. Shouldn’t paedophiles be treated just the same as all these other, more acceptable pairings? After all, love is love, right?


Okay, let’s get one thing straight: NO!


I have absolutely no problem with all the characters to the LGBT community. All the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and true transgenders (to name a few) of the world by my opinion, are 100% acceptable. Why? Because as long as there’s utmost consent between all members of the party, then there are no negative impacts to a degree. It’s equal and it’s fair.


Paedophilia is a different case.


It is not equal. How could a 60-year-old man and your 11-year-old daughter, or sister, or niece be equal? How could the poor girl even be considered his lover when he’ll just move on to another victim as she ages? There’s no love in that. Just perverted lust. But that’s just the tip of an iceberg.


Many children are innocent.

Most children are naive.

All children are in the midst of development.


Sexual intercourse under the age of 16 is illegal for a reason, and that is because it can leave intensive psychological and physical scars on a growing youth. Children shouldn’t have to be pressured into consent or make life-changing decisions. What children need is a safe and secure environment for them to grow and flourish to reach their greatest potential. Children are highly impressionable, and are told from birth to follow the instructions of those older than them. Even in the cases with consent, it is conducted using manipulation and deceit, commonly known by the term of ‘grooming’. Then there’s the cases without consent, stemming to rape which is irrefutably wrong in itself.


There have been many tragic cases where a child has been sexually abused. In fact, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys have fallen victim to child sexual abuse. Many studies have been conducted on these children, and one fact comes clear: sexual abuse towards an individual during childhood can cause drastic psychological harm to them in their future. Studies prove that children exposed to sexual abuse are 2.4 times more likely than those who haven’t, to fall victim to symptoms such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, drug and alcohol addictions, self-esteem issues, post-traumatic stress disorders and suicidality. In adolescent years, they have higher rates when it comes to acts of under-aged sex and/or multiple partnerships as well as increased vulnerability towards sexually transmitted diseases as opposed to those who haven’t been sexually abused in their childhood. They have trouble finding satisfaction in partnerships through adulthood, and it even affects their socioeconomic status, with the majority of victims to child sexual abuse working in lower positions. Then there’s the issues with trust. These statistics only increase if the abuser is someone familiar to the child, which 8 in 10 times, they are.


Paedophilia is a difficult topic to decode, as it tends to be occur quite secretively. Many people, to their deaths, will never confess to their exposure towards sexual assault in their youth, making it difficult to create estimations. A survey was done on the topic, asking people why they never admitted. The answers spanned from being solely embarrassed by it, to being threatened by the abuser, to the fact of not even knowing it was wrong in the first place.


If we are to strive towards a better future, then it is crucial we teach our youth that it is OKAY to speak up and tell us if there is something bothering them. If you don’t like something, if you know that something is wrong deep down in your gut, then you need to say no. Children aren’t as dumb as society builds them to be, and they DO have a basic understanding over what’s wrong and what’s right. We need to stop treating kids as though their opinions don’t matter, because they do. They really, really do, and if we just listened, it would save us of another batch of ’em depraved sickos, trust me.


On a contradictory note, not all paedophiles molest children. In fact, many are unhappy and guilty over their behaviour. For these people, who really do want to change their ways, there are programs out there which may help them break away and reframe of their immoral drives. These programs really do work, and not only give us insight on who these individuals are, but take one less threat away from the children of our society. One less may not seem like much, but to a certain child, it may make the difference of the world.


With the way humanity’s going, paedophiles are never going to be able bring up their paedosexuality in casual conversation as they will be discriminated, and I don’t feel the least bit sympathetic about that. I could never pity someone who sees a child as something for sex. I do, however, acknowledge that some of these individuals really do want to change the ways they live, and as long as they actually WORK towards making a difference, then they are a whole lot better than what stereotype sets them to be.


Likewise, it doesn’t matter if they regret their actions. It doesn’t matter if they are apologetic. It doesn’t matter if they thought it would be a good idea at the time, because in the end, everyone is 100% responsible for their actions. Any backlash they receive, they fucking deserve. Abuse will ALWAYS be abuse, and there are NO exceptions to that.


I, as a fifteen-year-old girl speak to all my fellow children as I say this: stay safe. And to parents: your child is so important, please listen to them and please protect them. If we all work together, I really do believe that we can strive towards a safer, happier and healthier future towards the youth of not only Australia, but the world.

Thank you.


By C.S.


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