Ever wonder how you can earn acceptance with understanding?

iF i WrOtE tHiS wHoLe BlOg PoSt UsInG tHiS SaMe FoNt FoRmAt, WoUlD yOu KeEp ReAdInG?


Being different sucks. It shouldn’t. It’s how we differentiate ourselves from others, how we are unique; it should be what is looked for in a person, not frowned upon.


The moment you understand that difference is congenial, the more you will accept society and its folk for what they are. It’s believed that humans fear that which they don’t know. Difference is a prime example of this. It is also believed that acceptance, as in any kind of involvement or feeling of belonging, is the uttermost important psychological need for humans. So, theoretically, humans are destined for destruction and socioeconomic annihilation. An unstoppable force against an immovable object.



There have been countless times where I’ve been frowned at, excluded, the list goes on… because of trying to innovate and be unique. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve had positive responses too. Hell, I’ve even made friends by simply wearing a Goku wig at a convention. What troubles me about how people react to difference in an unaccepting manner is that people are starting to think less and less for themselves. Adverts, peer pressure, desire, love and even wanting to be accepted can lead to unacceptance for others. This is the paradox in society masqueraded by phrases such as “They’re kids, that’s what they do!”, and “It’s just a phase”. The problem is, the way to be accepted nowadays is to strip naked and jump into the template many others have. The one filled with Golden State Warriors merchandise, Nike shoes, crew cuts, over used memes, SoundCloud rapping, extremely long white undershirts…


I think you get the idea. If you don’t, come to Comet Bay College and have a peep around. You’ll understand.


Speaking of Comet Bay College, I’ve been a student for just over 2 years. During my time here, I’ve made a reasonable amount of friends and met a very wide variety of people. I mean it. It varies from aspiring authors and extremely intelligent individuals to vandals and prepubescent drug dealers. My point is, I accept all of which I just mentioned. Even though people have been arrested, I don’t judge based on that. I don’t know their background, how they got to school or what they had for breakfast and I don’t care. What I do care about is understanding why people do these things. Often, it’s to be accepted.


I love school. It has a pleasant atmosphere, and overall, it’s a place I simply enjoy being, however I know this isn’t the case for all people. I know about the stencil I’m supposed to fit into as a male my age, and I admit I have fallen victim to it to avoid the consequences of being different. To be accepted. As Audre Lorde once said, it is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept, and celebrate those differences. Our communities don’t have to be this way. We have accepted that acceptance is unacceptable for those who do not accept our expectations. If you’re more of a stereotypical “science-maths” person, then you probably struggled to comprehend the last sentence. I’ve made a law about the actions of society when reacting to difference, particularly evident in high school kids. The law of anti-sympathy.



Being different doesn’t have to suck. Please, if you haven’t fallen into the template I previously mentioned, keep those clothes on and act for yourself. Be your own person. Understanding is the key to acceptance. Stereotypes are just stereotypes and words are just words unless you give them meaning. When you meet someone new, get to know them. Unless they have a Goku wig on or something. That’s just weird.





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